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Craig in a kilt... yum!
Ange's Journal
"We take for granted we know the whole story..."~W. Axl Rose
*The Show Must Go On* 
18th-Feb-2005 06:11 pm - Friends only...
Craig in a kilt... yum!

Well, I've decided that since there are too many immature people out there that can't keep their nose where it doesn't belong, I've decided to make the rest of my journal Friends Only. I refuse to let outsiders bring unnecessary drama into my life.

I'm sorry it had to come to this, but I've had enough of the bullshit.

If you'd like to be added, feel free to comment.
Craig in a kilt... yum!
Nothing like a little Tom Petty to describe exactly how you feel. His songs just perfectly fit my mood right now.

You got lucky babe, when I found you.Collapse )
14th-Feb-2005 04:34 am - My new phone!
Craig in a kilt... yum!
title or description

I heart my new phone. It's my Valentine's day gift to myself!

And Jimmy Fallon is my Valentine this year. Well... along with a couple of other friends. ;-) (You know who you are!)

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11th-Feb-2005 04:40 am - *celebrates* Awesome!!!
Craig in a kilt... yum!
This is very random, but good news...

For at least a month or so, the Internet was not working on my own computer, forcing me to share with my mom. *groan*

But as a lovely surprise this morning, my Internet is finally working! I have no idea how or why, but this rocks!
10th-Feb-2005 06:26 am - Update on the job hunt
Craig in a kilt... yum!
The weirdest thing happend to me the other day. On Tuesday, I went to Eastview Mall to get a few things, and as always, I stopped in the Piano and Organ Center to check out some sheet music. Well, I got to talking with the president of the company, and he basically offered me a job there. He put an application and his card into my bag and basically told me to think about it. Kinda cool! Not sure how much I want to work in retail, or even just work at a mall, period, but it wouldn't be so bad practicing the piano all day long. I'm not sure how well it pays, though, or if they're even offering full time. I really have to find something full time and that gives me a decent yearly income. I want to start a real career and be able to move out of my house. I'm 22 years old, I have a B.A., so I think it's time that I do that. I don't want to live with my parents forever. I want to be able to support myself. But I guess I'll keep it in mind, just in case I can't find anything else for the time being.

Alright, time to get ready for work!
8th-Feb-2005 02:20 am - Sending out resumes everywhere...
Craig in a kilt... yum!
Alright, so I applied to three more jobs. I'm hoping to get a call soon. My number one choice is the job with Infinity Radio. They're looking for a Sales Account Executive. I think I'd enjoy getting into advertising. That's what my mom does for a living. They're looking for someone with great verbal and written communication skills, so I think a degree in English should cover that! My mom faxed my cover letter and resume to them, so I'm hoping to hear from them very soon. Then I applied for a Copy Editor job with Element K. I'd prefer to get a job with Infinity Radio, but I'm just hoping both of these jobs pay very well. Then the third one I applied for was a part time After School teacher at a daycare center. This is if neither of the other jobs I applied for work out. I'd work part time at the museum and the daycare until I can find a full time position that would allow me to move out of my house.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Infinity, though!

Just think, if I could get a real full time job and begin a career... I can move out of my house and get my own place... I NEED to move out of this house SOON!
6th-Feb-2005 11:58 pm - Superbowl Sunday!
Craig in a kilt... yum!
The weekend was okay. Friday was fun. I met up with a couple friends at a bar in Webster and hung out for a little while. I wasn't there for very long, but that was pretty much my Friday. Saturday... was a tough day for me. Saturday marked what would have been the two year anniversary of me and Josh. I thought I'd never get through the day, but I was glad Heidi was there for me. I went shopping with her in Waterloo after taking a car ride with Erin and her fiance. Of course, just my luck, I'm walking aroud the oulet mall, and what song comes on the radio but me and Josh's song! I heard the piano intro for Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful," and I tried with all I could not to cry. I kept my cool, but it was just an awful twist of fate that I had to hear that song on the worst day of my life. The last time I heard that song was in the car, on my way back from Binghamton, just after we broke up. I think God hates me. I must have been Hitler in a past life or something.

Heidi and I got back here, and pre-gamed downstairs at my little bar. We made all kinds of drinks, and not all of them were very good. Then we got to the bar and just got completely HAMMERED! It was pretty funny. My friend Wes stopped by, but he was in such a sour mood. He certainly didn't make a good impression on Heidi. I was a little pissed off that he was acting the way he was, and it made me want to haul a right hook into his jaw. I wasn't exactly having a great day either, but I didn't sulk. I kept in good spirits as best as I could. Wes gets WAY too dramatic, especially when he drinks. He makes such a big deal out of minor little things. It's so stupid to go through life crying over spilt milk. You just have to take life as it comes, good or bad, and accept that everything is a part of fate, and eventually, it will work out for the best.

When Wes left, Heidi and I did a little more drinking, and decided to play a little pool. That was... a joke! We were too drunk to even walk, so watching us try to play pool was quite amusing. At least two or three times, Heidi knocked a ball off the table. We never did find one of them, either. Once our pool game was done, it was time to go. My mom was such a good sport and offered to be our designated driver for the night. Of course, when my mom got there, we weren't done with our drinks... so we stole the glasses and brought them with us! lol I don't think Mom was too happy about that.... Heidi is such a bad influence on me! Somehow, we always end up stealing shit when we get drunk.

I finally passed out around 5:30am, after making a drunken phone call to Josh. I left a nasty message on his voice mail. Completely forgot I did it until he called back this morning... oops. And today, I had quite the hangover! I was sick all day! I guess I don't mind though, because I had a good time last night, and I needed a night like that.

I felt much better by the time the big game was on, though! Nice work, Patriots!! It was such an awesome, close game. The halftime show was the best I've ever seen! Paul McCartney was absolutely amazing! I want to see him live in concert someday. He sounds so great for all the singing he's done over the years. He didn't sound strained or tired at all. I consider him one of the best musicians of our time.

Well... that about covers my weekend.

Plan for tomorrow: send out resumes for some jobs out there, and work 9-3 at the RMSC. Fun fun...
2nd-Feb-2005 09:31 pm - *kicks hole through wall*
Craig in a kilt... yum!
I'm absolutely disgusted right now.

And no, I don't want to talk about it.

All I have to say is that I'm really beginning to understand the way the human race works. It's pretty fucking sad.

Carry on.
Craig in a kilt... yum!
Okay, FINALLY I'm getting a chance to write about last weekend! I had the best time.

Of course first off... the snowstorm just HAD to pick MY weekend to make the roads crappy. Driving was horrible. But worth it.

We ended up staying at a hotel for the night. We planned this a long time ago in case the snow would be bad... good thing we did!

Then before the concert, I spend the day with a friend of mine. Had a great time hanging out. We even had a few drinks down at the lounge's bar. Great times... great times.

Then the concert at Turning Stone... *sigh* Breathtaking. He didn't miss a beat. Basically, it was like watching the Live at the Greek DVD all over again, because the song line-up was exactly the same. And he played drums a little during the show, which completely rocked. I had a great time. Definitely up there as one of my favorite concerts ever. I want to see his concert as many times as I possibly can.

Well, here's some pictures... hopefully they're not too big. I didn't take these pictures, so I want to thank the Grobanites who did take them. Thanks for giving me some memories of a great night!

The caption under the pictures are going to be some miscellaneous quotes from the show.

"How's everyone doing tonight? ....It's COLD! But it's so warm in here!"
I don't know why I do that! It makes me all hot and stupid!~Josh GrobanCollapse )
22nd-Jan-2005 05:18 am - concert day!!!
Craig in a kilt... yum!
Josh Groban concert today! Very excited. I have to get back to packing my stuff, because I'm staying the night out there and meeting up with a friend. This is going to rock!

Wish I could bring a camera.

Be back Sunday! :-D
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